Village Idiots Wildstar Guild Underway

So the new Village Idiots Wildstar guild is up and running and we have quite a few former WoW idiots in guild. Hopefully we can encourage more to join in the coming weeks and start to expand the guild further.

In addition to expanding our numbers with former WoW VI folks,  we need to keep an eye out for the type of people that seem like they’ll fit in with the VI philosophy while we’re out questing.

If’ you’re unsure of what to keep an eye out for, here are some key attributes.

  1. Rolls off cliffs while trying to dodge telegraphs
  2. Is carrying any poultry based paraphernalia.
  3. Is currently a corpse
  4. Has a poultry based name
  5. Likes a laugh and doesn’t take themselves too seriously

If you come across any of the above… Pull them in, even if it takes Duct Tape and soapy loofah.

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